Getting Bibles in "The Bush"

Dear Friends,
Because of his kindness and love, God has given us his Word, the Bible. In it, he tells us who he is, who we are, why we are alive, and how we should live. And by using the teachings and commands of the Bible, God works in the hearts of those who belong to him, to change the way they think and live.

The Bible has been translated into so many different languages. Today, God’s Word can be read by more people than ever before; and although the words in these various translations are different, the message remains the same. God did not limit his Word to only one group of people, or for only one language group; rather, the Bible is for everyone! If God has given you the opportunity to have a Bible, then you are blessed. And this blessing is intended to be shared.

But even though there are so many translations available today, not everyone has access to God's Holy Word.