Celebrate Recovery in Africa

Because of His grace and Mercy, I am "celebrating" a life sober from alcohol for over 19 years now. My recovery path was not as easy as it might have been had Celebrate Recovery (www.celebraterecovery.com) been around when I was struggling so terribly with alcoholism. I will say that the Lord used 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to save and redeem my life... a life that most people had given up on. But, because I was able to somehow stay sober, I met the Lord Jesus 10 years ago and began what I believe was my true recovery... the recovery of my lost soul and broken heart. And because of God's faithfulness, I hold on to the promise of heaven today, and no longer identify with "who I was"; but with who I have become in Christ.

When I began reading the CR curriculum, I knew that it might be something that God would want me to share with Africa. And I read somewhere that the curriculum had been translated into many different languages including some in African. While I was in Africa last year, I was exposed to the many problems our brothers and sisters face because of living in severe poverty. One of which was alcoholism. The hopelessness over there runs DEEP my friends. And alcohol (as it was for me) is the only way some can cope with daily life. For the men, alcohol leads to the neglect and abuse of their families. It is very sad. And, seeing this reminds me of how fortunate I was to have had the opportunity to work the 12 Steps of Recovery.

I have become very close with George Magera (www.EkuboMinistries.com), and during his visit to the States this past December, he and I had the opportunity to tour Miracle Hill's Overcomer Center (http://www.miraclehill.org), a Christ Centered addiction treatment facility in South Carolina where we met men who where recovering from alcohol addiction by turning their lives over to Christ. He turned to me and asked if we could start something similar to his village. At first, this sounded impossible. But the Lord has been working on my faith in this idea since December. And he is telling me to "move" on this.

So please join me in prayer asking for His wisdom and favor as I continue to reach out to the leadership at Celebrate Recovery for their guidance and support. We are actively exploring what it may look like to launch a Christ-Centered addiction recovery program in Uganda. I will meet with the church leadership in Bugabo village this March to discuss the initiative... one that could solve a big problem and create yet another opportunity for folks to meet our Healer and Friend, Jesus Christ.

Please pray.