We've Got Bibles!

300 and Counting!
Friends... Please continue to Praise the Lord for what he has done in the past week and a half during our first Facebook "Bibles in The Bush" campaign. With your support we have funded 300 Bibles! We will continue to reach out to people on the phone, through email, over coffee, in business meetings, through Facebook... whatever it takes to share with people our mission this March. God's Word is Alive... We need to get it into the hands of those who do not know Him.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to speak with George and Christie. I feel so encouraged... they have alerted the village that Bibles are coming. Everyone is very excited about this. What I didn't realize until after speaking with George was that we will be ordering the Bibles from Uganda Bible Society who will print them on demand in the languages that we require. We will now be ordering the Bibles in not one, but three languages... Swahili, Luganda and Lunyakole. There is plenty of time to do this prior to my arrival. I will be moving the funds that YOU helped raise into Ekubo Ministries' account this week, and George will place the first Bible order. I will continue to campaign for more... The Lord knows the number of Bibles we will get funded. Keep sharing this mission with your friends, family, and co-workers.I would love to see us raise 600 Bibles before I leave for Uganda.
The Plan.
In preparation for my arrival, George has assembled a team of 10 strong Christian men and women. We will be splitting into 2 groups as we distribute Bibles and share the Gospel Message with the 200 homes in the village. It is estimated that there are now more than 2000 people in the village... Please pray that God would multiply our time there in March so that we can meet and share with as many people and families as possible. It's not likely we will be able to visit all 200 homes, but our hope is that the team will take the baton and run with this ministry after I am gone.

Prayer Requests.
Please pray for our safety while we are on the ground in Uganda doing whatever the Lord leads us to do. We are praying for people to not only welcome us, but for people to accept Christ! We are praying that the Holy Spirit would fill every team member as we do His work and that the words and the testimonies that leave our mouths are only prompted by His Spirit. We pray that all we do will glorify our King... Christ Jesus.